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The Human Side of Competitiviness
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History and Team

History and Team

A professional team, who can attend to your needs around the world.


Ever since its creation in 1988, HUMAN and our team of highly experienced professionals in the industrial and managerial fields have stood out thanks to our differential factor: "The incorporation of the most advanced management techniques and the consideration for the human factor"

Since the beginning, our international vocation has seen uswork in many countries with a global focus and to build an international network of consultancy companies. Together with them, we have had the opportunity of working within continuous learning, as well as collaboration with the best clients worldwide. All of that not only has consolidated us in the successful automobile sector, but also in Public Administration and many Institutions.



The Human Management Team is comprised of more than 100 professionals (more than 200 in our international network), and therefore have profound knowledge of company and institution operations enabling us to provide a different consultancy service for our clients.

Our range of solutions includes helping our clients with the establishment and implementation of the company or organisation's strategy, help them to search, attract, select and incorporate people, and to retain and develop teams. In addition, we design and improve processes jointly in order to achieve the desired results through the use of state-of-the-art computer systems.

That is why our consultants have great geographical availability, which allows them to work in any of the Human branches and any area of action.

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